Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Desperate Adventures of Zeno & Alya by Jane Kelley
(2015-16 Iowa Children's Choice Nominee)

Book description from Amazon.com...An orphaned African grey parrot who can speak 127 words. A girl so sick she has forgotten what it means to try. Fate--and a banana nut muffin--bring them together. Will their shared encounter help them journey through storms inside and out? Will they lose their way, or will they find what really matters?

My 25 cents...This book was a surprise for me, I really enjoyed it! I did not expect too, as I thought it was going to be "too much" fantasy for my liking.  The characters in this story (parrot and girl) both face their own struggles which are huge in their eyes.  Readers will find themselves cheering to get the two together to team up and help one another!  Pleasantly surprised by this story!! I think this book would be a great read-aloud for a class or even a family that shares books aloud for different ages.  

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