Monday, January 13, 2014

Stick Dog Wants a Hot Dog by Tom Watson

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Stick Dog and his four friends, Poo-Poo, Mutt, Stripes, and Karen, must execute a master plan for stealing hot dogs. The closer they get to the hot dog vendor, the more difficult their mission becomes. With the same hilarious antics, the five dogs are met with many challenges along the way, including having to distract the frankfurter guy and Karen getting locked in a human's house. No matter what, these dogs have their eyes—and stomachs—on the prize.

My 25 cents....I can not tell a lie. This book made me laugh out loud at times!  I really didn't expect to like it. Five dog friends have adventures and this one is about them trying to get some frankfurters from the Frankfurter wagon.  Sounds simple if you aren't a dog right?
The dogs know that the frankfurter boy's name starts with a "P" but can't remember it (it's Peter) so they keep coming up with other "P" words to call him:  Pumpkinhead, Piddly Pants, Patsy their hilarious plans on how to swipe the frankfurters (get a helicopter and fly over? wait if they can get a helicopter who can fly one??) Stickdog is kind of the leader of this group of dogs and has to be sensitive to the feelings of the other dogs' "not so good" ideas.  The illustrations throughout the book make it a quick read. 
If you like the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books you will most likely enjoy this series too! 

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