Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Little Wolf's Book of Badness by Ian Whybrow

Book description from Amazon.com:
All Little Wolf wants to do is stay at home with Mum and Dad and Baby brother Smellybreff. Instead he's packed off to Cunning College to learn the 9 Rules of Badess and earn his Gold BAD Badge from his wicked Uncle Bigbad. He sets off on his journey, sending letters home as he adventures in the big wide world.

My 25 cents:
This poor little wolf's parents send him off to learn how to be "bad".  What makes this book such a fun read is the journal format that the author used to tell the story.  In fact, Little Wolf states that the journal is really letters to his parents, but he can't send the letters because his uncle ate the mailman and they won't come around anymore now!  I find it similar to the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books with lots of graphics on each page as well.  It's a fast read, and we have the other Little Wolf books in our library as well. Beginning chapter book readers and upper elementary will enjoy the humor in this series.

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