Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Life as a Book by Janet Tashjian

My Life as a Book by Janet Tashjian
This 2013-2014 Iowa Children's Choice nominee

Book description from
Summer’s finally here, and Derek Fallon is looking forward to pelting the UPS truck with water balloons, climbing onto the garage roof, and conducting silly investigations. But when his parents decide to send him to Learning Camp, Derek’s dreams of fun come to an end. Ever since he’s been labeled a “reluctant reader,” his mom has pushed him to read “real” books—something other than his beloved Calvin & Hobbes.  As Derek forges unexpected friendships and uncovers a family secret involving himself (in diapers! no less), he realizes that adventures and surprises are around the corner, complete with curve balls.

My 25 cents:
Derek hates reading and now his teacher expects him to read over the SUMMER???  Because of the "diary" format of this book, complete with cartoons in the margins to help show what certain words mean (drawn by author's son!)--this book is a fun, quick read!  It's not just complaining about parents and school (though there is plenty of that!!) there is a little "mystery" to this story as well.  Looks like there are two more books in this series too--My Life as a Stuntman and My Life as a Cartoonist.  This book will be a big hit will upper elementary and middle schoolers both! Boys and girls alike will relate to this story and read the entire book in no time!!

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