Monday, March 4, 2013

Tracking your Nightmare by Baron Specter
(Graveyard Diaries #1) 

Description from
Jared Jenson lives next to Woodland Cemetery at the far corner of Marshfield. He used to think it was funny that he and his best friend, Stan, live by cemeteries, but now it's starting to creep him out. In his dreams each night, he sees people dragging bodies through the cemetery . . . until he is dragged for real! Ghostly grave robbers think he is supposed to be buried in the Potter's Field grave. Can Jared, Stan, and the rest of the Zombie Hunters track down Jared's nightmare and free them all from the grave robbers before it's too late?

My 25 cents:
First in a 6 part series, five students from small town Marshfield who all happen to live next to different cemeteries in town-make up the Zombie Hunters group. This is a great series for those who want "scary books" but aren't ready for the gruesome scary ones?!  The story and the diary entries make this a suspenseful, exciting read.  Other cool titles include:  Approaching the Undead, How Not to be Killed by a Zombie, To Werewolf of Not to Werewolf; All in a Night's Work and Vampires Are Not Your Friends.

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