Friday, March 8, 2013

Surprise Kick by Ted Kershner

Zach Riley

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Cody Ross had a hard time thinking about anything but soccer. Even at school, all he could think about was the World Cup trophy his best friend Mudman had created. Only it wasn't for an actual tourney . . . it was for the video game Soccer Slam. Now, Cody's parents think it's time for Cody and Mud to get out from behind the controllers and play with a real soccer ball. When the boys join the local team, they discover Mud is a great player--way better than Cody. Cody's a little jealous of Mud's abilities. Will Mud's talent end their friendship? Or will Cody learn sportsmanship and teamwork, and a few new moves along the way?

My 25 cents....This is an action packed sports story that boys and girls alike will probably enjoy reading.  It has black and white illustrations throughout that are a nice addition to the story.  It is a shorter book, only 80 pages, but definitely one with a message for everyone.  Our library has 3 other titles in this series as well--all are sports themed.

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