Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Giggler Treatment by Roddy Doyle

Book description from Amazon.com:
Imagine a wonderfully rude, children's version of "It's a Wonderful Life." At the beginning of the tale we have a good man, a caring man, heading for his job as a cookie-taster but also heading for a terrible fate (he's about to step in something smelly). Is this an accident? Who's responsible? (The Gigglers, elfen creatures whose pranks punish wayward adults.) What did he do to deserve this? (He yelled at his children unfairly, but actually this was a bit of a misunderstanding.) Can the impending mess be avoided? Working backward, Roddy Doyle spins the hilarious tale of Mr. Mack, his wife Billy Jean, his three children Robbie, Jimmy, and Kayla, their dog Rover and, of course, the irrepressible, sometimes hasty, but well-meaning Gigglers.

My 25 cents....
This book cracked me up.  It's gross, it's all about a man stepping (or not?) in dog poop.  But the way it is told keeps reader going!  Some of the "chapters" are only half of a page, and are called crazy things--for example: THE CHAPTER BEFORE THE NEXT ONE and THIS CHAPTER IS NAMED AFTER MY MOTHER BECAUSE SHE SAID I COULD STAY UP LATE IF I NAMED IT AFTER HER: CHAPTER MOMMY DOYLE.  The fact that the story is told going backwards it a hoot too!  The author also takes the time to explain  the Irish vocabulary and culture in a fun, friendly way.