Friday, June 8, 2012

Here's a double whammy!...

The book Because of Anya is by Margaret Peterson Haddix, well known author of The Shadow Children series.  What caught my eye was the first line of jacket same as the Amazon description:  Ten-year-old girls don't wear wigs...

Book Description from 
Ten-year-old girls don't wear wigs. So why is Anya wearing one? That's what Keely wants to know. But when Anya's wig falls off in front of the whole class, Keely realizes what she really wants is to help Anya, even though she's not sure how -- and even though it means she'll have to do something she's afraid of: stand up to her friends.  As for Anya, she just wants her hair to grow back, but no one can tell her whether it ever will. How can she learn to accept her disease when she can't even look in the mirror?

My 25 cents:
I knew this was a good author, all of the books of hers that I have read I have liked. This one though is realistic fiction and it's SHORT (114 pages!) too!  While the description makes it sound like a real downer, the story actually is a great lesson for all ages. You just never know what a person's "story" is and what they are going through, so be kind!  A great friendship story-maybe even a good "read together" for parent and child.

Book Description from
Imagine a world where families are allowed only two children. Illegal third children -- shadow children -- must live in hiding. If they are discovered, there is only one punishment: Death.
My 25 cents...
While this series has been around for awhile (2004), the story is timeless because of it's fantasy storyline.  This is one of those series that you have to keep reading because you can't stop wondering what is going to happen next. They are stories of survival and suspense.  Was named An ALA Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers. 

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